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By A. Alberti, P. Carloni, L. Greci, P. Stipa (auth.), Prof. Dr. Hanns Fischer, Prof. Dr. Heinz Heimgartner (eds.)

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Das Buch stellt eine wichtige Datenquelle von physikalisch-chemischen Eigenschaften der Fasergläser, Glasfasern und der für ihre Herstellung eingesetzten Glasrohstoffe und technologischen Prozessparameter dar. Es hilft dem Leser die Eigenschaften der Fasergläser und Glasfasern besser zu verstehen, um sie im Herstellungsprozess und in der Weiterverarbeitung optimum einzusetzen.

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SCI; 180. 4, a. G. Y. b. M. Rosen (1974) J. Med. Chem. 17, 358; c. J. Damerau (1976) Z. Chem. 16, 401; d. G, Rozantsev (1975) Dokl:-Akad. Nauk 224, 593; e. G. Rozantsev (1980) Izv. Akad, Nauk S~ Sera Khim. 364. 5. O. Hankovszky, K. Hideg L. Lex (1981) Synthesis 147. 6. C. H. Piette (1969) Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 129, 296. 7. B. Shap1ro, L,S. Bogach, V,M. A. I. G. Rozantsev (1975) Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR 2077. 8. O. Hankovszky, K. Hideg, L. Lex (1980) Synthesis 914. MICELLAR AGGREGATION AND THE DECAY OF TRIPLET RADICAL PAIRS.

Macromol. ,Williams F. Soc. W. Comm. A. Rodin, S. M. O. Box 999, Richland, WA 99352 Abstract: Since kinetic measurements of base-promoted arene oxidations by tris(phenanthroline)iron(III) provide a ready method for determining rate constants for both electron transfer (ET) and follow-up reactions of arene radical cation intermediates, [1-3] we are using this approach to study the effects of structure on the reactions of radical cations, especially the competition between side chain fragmentation and nucleophilic addition reactions.

Fischer, H. 3)x1 09M-1 s-1 in methanol leading to aT+· (Amax=530nm, E=29000M1cm- 1 ). The same reaction occur in SOS and we have observed a pronounced MFE on the triplet aT+·/MV+· pair. 2kG=71%. Similar results were obtained for 2-cyano-aT in SOS. 2kG. 6 (3). 4 for aT and CN-aT, respectively. This is consistent with our hypothesis that kgem is a probe of micellar dimensions. 4 1000fT. 15M SOS. 5M (3). 1 Evans C, Ingold KU, Scaiano JC (1988) J Phys Chern aa:1257 2 Mazer NA, Benedeck GB, Carey MC (1976) J Phys Chern 80:1075 .

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