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Experiments on Knife Sharpening

This paintings has targeting comparing the effectiveness of varied knife polishing recommendations via interpreting the sharpened edges of the knives in a scanning electron microscope, SEM.

Much could be realized by means of exam of a sharpened knife aspect with a
magnifying glass or an optical microscope, quite the binocular microscope. notwithstanding, the optical microscope suffers from a critical problem. Its intensity of box turns into super small because the magnification raises. as a result of the inherent curvature on the sharp fringe of a knife, the optical photographs lose their usefulness at magnifications a lot above round 50x of so. The SEM overcomes this trouble. one in every of its awesome good points is that the intensity of box is way more suitable over the optical microscope, at the order of three hundred occasions better.
Hence, the SEM is in a position to offering transparent photographs of the sting of sharpened knives at magnifications as much as 10,000x.

Complete Scattering Experiments

The Hans Kleinpoppen Symposium on "Complete Scattering Experiments" th was once held in honor of Hans Kleinpoppen’s 70 birthday. It happened in Il Ciocco, Italy. The symposium had reasons: to offer the paintings that Hans Kleinpoppen has performed or initiated in the course of his impressive clinical occupation, and to deliver humans from numerous fields jointly who practice entire scattering experiments.

Learning in Natural and Connectionist Systems: Experiments and a Model

Smooth examine in neural networks has ended in strong man made studying structures, whereas contemporary paintings within the psychology of human reminiscence has printed a lot approximately how usual structures quite study, together with the position of subconscious, implicit, reminiscence strategies. unfortunately, the 2 ways mostly forget about one another.

Modelling Electroanalytical Experiments by the Integral Equation Method

This complete presentation of the quintessential equation procedure as utilized to electro-analytical experiments is appropriate for electrochemists, mathematicians and business chemists. The dialogue specializes in how crucial equations may be derived for varied forms of electroanalytical types. The ebook starts with types self sufficient of spatial coordinates, is going directly to handle types in a single dimensional area geometry and ends with versions depending on spatial coordinates.

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This finding suggests that the elimination of snake phobic behavior does not initiate an increase in other fears, but in fact leads to a significant reduction in overall anxiety. D E S E N S I T I Z A T I O N OF A P H O B I A 49 DISCUSSION The results of the present experiment demonstrate that the experimental analogue of desensitization therapy effectively reduces phobic behavior. Both subjective rating of fear and overt avoidance behavior were modified, and gains were maintained or increased at the six-month follow up.

The treatment was judged effective in 35 of the patients. Forty-five of the phobic and other TABLE 2 Summary of data of Table 1 Patients Number of patients responding to desensitization treatment Number of hierachies Hierarchies overcome Hierarchies markedly improved Hierarchies unimproved Total number of desensitizations sessions Mean session expenditure per hierarchy Mean session expenditure per suecessfully treated hierarchy . Median number of sessions per patient 39 35 69 6 762 11-2 12-3 100 9% 36 EXPERIMENTS IN BEHAVIOUR THERAPY anxiety habits were apparently eliminated (4-plus rating) and 17 more were markedly ameliorated (3-plus rating).

Having a piece of writing rejected. 4. Awareness that his skill at a particular surgical operation left something to be desired. ") 5. Overhearing adverse remarks about a lecture he delivered that he knows was not good. 6. Overhearing, "Dr. B. fancies himself as a surgeon". 7. , "Dr. K. is a fine surgeon". 8. Having submitted a piece of writing for publication. RESULTS Table 1 presents basic datails of 39 cases treated by desensitization. These patients, comprising about one-third of the total number so treated up to December, 1959, were randomly selected (by a casual visitor) from the alphabetical files of all patients treated.

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