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By Horia Muresian

This ebook covers all points of the prevention, analysis, and remedy of stroke, delivering an built-in viewpoint that might be appropriate to a variety of experts. wide attention is given to different equipment of stroke prevention and arterial revascularization, with up to date info on pharmacological measures and transparent presentation of endovascular stent placement methods and surgical thoughts, together with these concerning the carotid artery, vertebral artery, and aortic arch. advanced tactics, equivalent to simultaneous bilateral carotid revascularization, are mentioned intensive, drawing on a wide sequence of situations and taking off sensible principles. The prognosis and remedy of intra- and extracranial aneurysms and the administration of cervical trauma are tested totally. furthermore, the reader is supplied with tips on characterization of the perpetrator lesion via assorted imaging modalities and with suggestion at the significance of a multidisciplinary crew and mixed techniques (endovascular and surgical), id of threat components, anesthesia, neuromonitoring, and hemodynamic tracking. The ebook could be of worth not just for cardiac and vascular surgeons but additionally for cardiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, anatomists, experts in diagnostic imaging, and interventional radiologists.

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At times, the superior IJV can be of small caliber, but after receiving larger tributaries in the upper neck (retromandibular vein, thyro-linguo-facial trunk), it becomes conspicuous. The tract of the IJV can also depict variations of surgical relevance (see Fig. 8) 28 Fig. 8 Further anatomical variations of the internal jugular veins. The IJV crosses the carotid bifurcation from lateral to medial. The IJV becomes anterior and medial in position relative to the CCA. This variation has clinical relevance for two reasons: First, the IJV must be protected during surgical exposure of the CCA, as the vein crosses the artery.

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