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This publication is a finished illustrated surgical consultant to operative exposures of the spinal nerves, sometimes called peripheral nerves. every one bankruptcy is dedicated to a selected nerve and describes the foundation, anatomic kin, branches, surgical ways, and medical value. The textual content is concise and straightforward to learn and is complemented by way of informative colour pictures from cadaveric dissections and surgeries. A separate bankruptcy on technical notes identifies surgical pearls when it comes to strategies reminiscent of nerve suturing and nerve transfers. Importantly, not like different peripheral nerve atlases, this booklet is followed via movies of other techniques. The e-book could be particularly invaluable for citizens and fellows in education and applicants for oral board and MOC examinations. it's also designed to supply a short illustrated evaluate for surgeons unusual with a process. so much video clips are below five mins lengthy, and it may take under 10 mins to study each one method, together with gazing the video. Anatomy and Exposures of Spinal Nerves will successfully fill a niche attributable to the absence of a peripheral nerve general practitioner from many neurosurgery education programs.

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6. This reveals the radial nerve and its different triceps branches. 7. It can be followed more distally between the lateral and medial heads of the triceps. Fig. 4 In the distal arm, the radial nerve (blue loop) is found between the biceps brachii (1) medially and the triceps (2) laterally Proximal Forearm (Fig. 5) 1. Position: supine, with the arm abducted. 2. Incision is made along the anterior border of the brachioradialis muscle or between brachioradialis and ECRL. 3. The radial nerve can be found between the brachioradialis laterally and the biceps brachii and brachialis medially.

Pneumothorax Injury to the neurovascular bundle under the first rib Vertebral artery injury Subclavian artery injury Wound infection Iatrogenic nerve injury Fig. 5 Posterior view of the brachial plexus after resection of the first rib and posterior and middle scalenes. U upper trunk, M middle trunk, L lower trunk, A subclavian artery, la lateral cord, p posterior cord, m medial cord, 1 suprascapular nerve, 2 long thoracic nerve, 3 upper trunk, posterior division, 4 upper trunk, anterior division, 5 middle trunk, anterior division, 6 middle trunk, posterior division, 7 lower trunk, posterior division, 8 lower trunk, anterior division Reference 1.

D) The deep motor branch (m) is followed until it enters under the hypothenar arch (h), which needs to be decompressed as well In the Hand References 1. Incisions in the hand and fingers are made in a zigzag fashion to avoid contractures. 2. The digital nerves course along the medial and lateral aspects of the fingers with the digital vessels. 1. Nellans K, Galdi B, Kim HM, Levine WN (2014) Ulnar neuropathy as a result of anconeus epitrochlearis. Orthopedics 37(8):e743–745 2. Bartels RH, Verhagen WI, van der Wilt GJ, Meulstee J, van Rossum LG, Grotenhuis JA (2005) Prospective randomized controlled study comparing simple decompression versus anterior subcutaneous transposition.

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