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By Robert T. Reville

Systemically evaluates the California everlasting incapacity rankings approach used sooner than the state's fresh workers reimbursement.

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Affordability” has seldom been explicitly mentioned as a criteria, but has always been an implicit criteria lurking in the background. Indeed, in recent years, affordability may have de facto become the dominant criterion in the reform of PPD benefits in a number of states, including California, and explicit recognition of affordability as a criterion may improve the policy debates concerning efforts to reform the PPD benefits system. Summary: Using the Criteria to Evaluate the California System The goal of this chapter was to outline a framework for thinking about past and current debates on PPD.

As we discuss later in detail, the most controversial feature of the California system is its reliance on “subjective” criteria and work restrictions to measure disability. Detractors argue that the use of these criteria has led to excessive PPD claiming and an inappropriate distribution of benefits. Supporters of the system contend that California’s unique approach to compensating disability better targets benefits to workers, and that some disabilities, while real, cannot be objectively measured using medical criteria alone.

This analysis builds on Reville et al. (2002a), which focused on upper extremity musculoskeletal injuries. In Chapter Five, we extend the 2002 analysis to a much more representative set of injuries in the California system, allowing us to determine whether the same inequities found for upper-extremity injuries are present throughout the system for other injuries. In Chapter Six, we discuss our study of the use of other adjustments for disability ratings (and benefits) in the California workers’ compensation system.

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