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By Douglas L. Brockmeyer

This article provides state of the art options for surgical procedure of the
craniovertebral junction and cervical backbone. It presents concise motives of
the underlying rules of every method and insights into the original concerns
in pediatric surgical procedure. With this entire source, you'll achieve the cast
foundation in surgical suggestions essential to make severe scientific judgements as
well because the technical wisdom and self belief to hold them out.

Highlights include:

  • unique causes illuminating the hyperlinks among
    embryology and general and irregular improvement of the craniovertebral junction
    and cervical backbone
  • In-depth dialogue of the problems and methods
    interested by either atlantoaxial and occipitocervical surgical procedure in teenagers
  • a whole bankruptcy dedicated to dealing with craniocervical
    stipulations of sufferers with Down Syndrome
  • An exam of hectic accidents of the
    craniocervical junction in teenagers
  • greater than a hundred step by step illustrations demonstrating
    key surgical recommendations

This with no trouble available textual content might be a important asset in
the library of physicians dealing with and treating craniocervical stipulations, from
the such a lot skilled pediatric neurosurgeon to citizens within the early phases in their careers.

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1–10). Subsequent embryonic repair of this initial disturbance could result in a variety of malformations that, although phenotypically different, share a common embryonic mechanism. 30 Hemivertebrae, sagittally clefted (butterfly) vertebrae, fused (block) vertebrae, midline osseous or fibrocartilaginous spurs or bands, and some types of the Klippel-Feil anomaly, iniencephaly, and sacral agenesis have all been described (reviewed by Dias and Walker30). The association of these vertebral malformations with elements of the split cord malformation and its sequelae is the key to identifying this embryopathy.

Chapter 2 Clinical Biomechanics of the Pediatric Craniocervical Junction and Subaxial Spine Figure 2–2 Normal motion curve of C1 and C2 rotation (Adapted from Pang D, Sun PP. Pediatric vertebral column and spinal cord injuries. In: Youmans JR, ed. Neurological Surgery. Philadelphia: WB Saunders; 2004:3515–3557). The dynamics of axial rotation can be described by a motion curve where the degrees of rotation are plotted on an x- and y-axis (Fig. 2–2). Because there is minimal rotation at O–C1, the head essentially moves with C1 during rotation, and the degree of head axial rotation is essentially the same as the degree of C1 rotation.

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