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By R. E. Anderson, J. E. Boggan, L. J. Cerullo, M. C. Chan, G. J. Dohrmann, M. S. B. Edwards, V. A. Fasano, J. M. Gilsbach, A. Harders, R. M. Ikeda, P. J. Kelly, E. R. Laws Jr., G. Lee, T. Letardi, D. T. Mason, C. R. Neblett, R. W. Rand, A. Renieri, I. L. Ri

Since the creation of electrosurgery the ideas of surgical procedure at the frightened approach have gone through additional advancements (bipolar coagulation, microscope), whether the process was once now not considerably changed. at the present time, laser represents a brand new "discipline", because it bargains a brand new means of appearing all easy maneuvers (dissection, demolition, hemostasis, vessel sutures). moreover, laser bargains the potential for a unique maneuver, specifically aid of the amount of a tumoral mass via vaporization. Its software isn't really constrained to standard neurosurgery yet extends additionally to stereotactic and vascular neurosurgery. Laser surgical procedure has additionally motivated the anesthesiologic recommendations. whilst new instrumentation has been brought: CUSA ultrasonic aspiration, echotomography, and Doppler flowmeter. i've got had the opportunity to make use of those new applied sciences all at a time and feature come to the realization that we face the sunrise of a brand new method which has already proven its validity and absence of inconveniences, and whose item is to extend the precision of neurological surgical procedure. The technological improvement continues to be occurring, and a few advancements are to be foreseen. Laser scalpel is splitting the preliminary laser surgical procedure into NO­ contact and contact surgical procedure with laser. As new instrumentarium may be built, a variable and tunable beam turns into on hand. for instance, in many years loose Electron Laser will extra upload to the development during this field.

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1981: Cerebrovascular Evaluation with Doppler Ultrasound. The Hague-Boston-London: Martinus Nijhoff. 2. Laser Neurosurgery Historical Introduction VICTOR A. FASANO Institute of Neurosurgery, University of Turin (Italy) The concept and mathematical principles underlying the Laser were set forth by Einstein in 1917 3 . During 1950's Schawflow and Townes at Columbia University and Basov and Prokhorov at the Lebeder Institute independently discovered and set forth the physical principles of microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (MASER).

M. Gilsbach and A. Harders: velocities were more or less generalized and not circumscribed (Fig. 13). We interpreted this as low resistance due to the acute bleeding and/or lowered intracranial pressure during operation. Angioma Cases High flow velocities with a relatively high diastolic flow component were typical for vessels which feed an angioma or a fistula. Depending on the caliber of the vessel and the flow volume, the flow pattern varied from accelerated forms to irregular types (Fig. 14).

During tke operation, the probe is adjusted acoustically and under direct vision according to the best Doppler signal. The incident angle then lies constantly between 40 and 60 degrees (Eldridge et al. 1979, Gilsbach 1983, Kaneko et al. 1970). The majority of the medical Doppler ultrasound systems are so-called continuous wave systems (CW Doppler). In these devices, one crystal continuously emits and another crystal continuously receives the ultrasound. Using this principle, every movement within the indefinite beam can be registered.

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