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By Alan Schroeder

Abe Lincoln is understood for his many memorable adages. because the 16th president he wanted the entire knowledge he may muster to steer the rustic in the course of the Civil warfare, protect the union, and finish slavery. This nontraditional tribute to the president who introduced the homespun humor of his humble beginnings to the White condo makes use of the alphabet to prepare a wealth of data approximately his existence and accomplishments. full of witty cartoons via John O'Brien, this colourful ebook bargains an strange and insightful point of view on outdated Abe.

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Lincoln told his wife that unless she learned to control her grief, he might have to send her to an insane asylum. Work – Abe wasn’t lazy, exactly, but he didn’t like to work any harder than he had to, especially when he was young. “I’d rather read, tell stories, crack jokes, talk, laugh— anything but work,” he said. Wrestler – Lincoln was a wrestler. A pretty good one, too. ” Lincoln took her advice, and later, while passing through New York, he met Grace and was able to thank her in person. XVI – Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States.

W is for Willie William Lincoln was the third of the Lincolns’ four sons. He was a thoughtful, gentle, and pious child, adored by his parents. Like many boys at that time, Willie was fascinated by trains—how they were built and how they ran. He could recite the name of every train station between New York and Chicago. When Willie died in 1862, at the age of eleven, his mother suffered a complete emotional breakdown. Lincoln told his wife that unless she learned to control her grief, he might have to send her to an insane asylum.

The boy was selling his parents’ clothes to raise money to help support the Union troops. Lincoln put a quick end to that. Z I can make more generals, but horses cost money. is for Zouaves Units of volunteer soldiers, the Zouaves were well known in the 1860s for their colorful uniforms and precision drill work. They could load, fire, and reload their weapons from any position, and do it in perfect unison. Lincoln enjoyed watching the Zouaves’ drill routines, first in Springfield and later at the White House.

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