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By Harry Henderson

This complete A-to-Z biographical dictionary explores the varied team of inventors, scientists, marketers, and visionaries within the laptop technology box. The state of the art, modern entries and knowledge at the laptop supply a glimpse into not just their force but additionally their demanding situations in making a new type of company and a brand new form of tradition.

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In effect, this allowed the computer to run programs as though it had much more memory than was physically installed. This idea of “virtual memory” is used in all of today’s computers, including desktop PCs. Brooks had created an architecture and reliable operating system that would become the standard for mainframe computing for decades to come. But in dealing with the technical and human problems of managing a large software development team, he had also gained insights that he would describe in his book The Mythical Man-Month.

Although an analog computer, this machine used vacuum tubes and relays for much of its operation, as would the ENIAC and other early digital computers. ” The machine did extensive work on ballistics and other problems during World War II, and several copies were made for other laboratories. The differential analyzer was a triumph of analog computing, but the focus would soon shift to the more versatile and faster digital computer. The inventors of ENIAC, J. PRESPER ECKERT and JOHN MAUCHLY, studied Bush’s machine and how it used vacuum tube circuits, but the machine’s limitations encouraged them to use digital circuits rather than analog.

But in dealing with the technical and human problems of managing a large software development team, he had also gained insights that he would describe in his book The Mythical Man-Month. For example, he learned that simply adding more programmers to a project did not necessarily speed up the work—indeed, the need to bring new team members up to speed and coordinate them could make the situation worse. ” Many computer scientists believe in the “waterfall” approach to designing a program. They start with a complete but general specification of what the program is supposed to do, from which flow detailed specifications, and finally the actual program code is written and rigorously tested.

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