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25, it is of the type RT2Y2 [48]. 889 Å. The sites in the given elementary cell are for Ce: (0, 0, 0), for Pd: (1/2, 0, 1/4), and for Si: (0, 0, z) with 46 3 Structural and Electronic Properties of Rare Earth Metal Systems Fig. 25 Left LEED pattern of CePd2Si2 on W(110) at an energy of 58 eV. Right Crystal structure of CePd2Si2 for bulk material. 889 Å. The gray shaded area shows the (110) plane being prepared in this investigation c Ce Pd Si a Fig. 26 The SEM image of CeNi2Ge2 of the layer shows crystalline islands which were identified by EDX to be Ni2Ge.

Based on the atomically resolved STM images 38 3 Structural and Electronic Properties of Rare Earth Metal Systems and LEED data a structure model for ultrathin GdFe2 films is proposed and compared to the GdFe2 bulk structure (Laves phase C15). 1 Remarks on the Preparation Procedure The rare earth metal Gd was evaporated from a W crucible heated by electron bombardment whereas Fe was evaporated from a rod. The evaporation flux was repeatedly calibrated with submonolayer accuracy via STM by growing pure films of Gd or Fe.

11 a Constant-current STM image of a sample surface similar to that shown in Fig. 6b simultaneously exhibiting a large variety of local coverages. On top of the high Gd(0001) island (A) triangular shaped Gd islands (B, C) appear. Nucleation of second (D) and third (E) monolayer patches can be observed on the first monolayer of Gd/W(110). 2 V. The sample temperature during the measurement was 117 K. From [33], copyright 1998, reproduced with permission from World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd problem tunneling spectroscopy was performed on a sample with a morphology similar to Fig.

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