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The fallen president’s wife, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, assumed power and committed herself to her husband’s destructive legacy by continuing support for divisive policies. State-sponsored violence increased sharply during her administrations, the first from 1960–1965 and a second during the period 1970–1972. The antipathy spawned by the Bandaranaikes transformed the nation. Once described as “two languages . . one country,” Sri Lankan, one member of parliament commiserated, had become a land of “one language .

Peter Chiarelli email to Dr. Russell W. Glenn, Subject: Re: Citations in manuscript,” April 15, 2013. 26 Emile Simpson, for example, states “the government of Afghanistan-ISAF [International Security and Assistance Force] [created] six theatre-specific lines of operations (as of 2011): protect the population, neutralise insurgent networks, develop Afghan security forces, neutralise corruption and organized crime that threatens the campaign . . ” Emile Simpson, War from the Ground Up: Twenty-first Century Combat as Politics, London: Hurst & Company, 2012, p.

It would take the better part of a century before resistance once again sprouted. The first-century ad violent reprisals purchased the empire valuable time during which the region continued to serve its function as a buffer against eastern threats. Whether Russian and Sri Lankan reliance on brute force provides similar respite remains an open question. The option of relying on pervasive and largely indiscriminate force to overcome an insurgency is one all but unavailable to the United States and many of the nations it considers partners or allies.

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