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By Banister Fletcher

An illustrated historical past of structure at the comparative strategy: for college kids, craftsmen & amateurs (Иллюстрированная история архитектуры в сравнительном методе.)

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Carlisle Bristol . 116. c . . 115 . 2. A 1 'Builder Cathedral B c Norwich D Durham E \ I J Series, Loftie, Brit on, Storer, Willis, Murray. XXX11 No. LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS. LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS. Name. No. 127. XXX111 English Gothic Examples Westminster Abbey Authorities. IX. ...... : Exterior Section Interior Plan 128. 129. 130. Neale. [-J. Henry VII. Chapel, Westminster Abbey. Henry VII. Chapel, Westminster Abbey, Fan Vaulting English Gothic Examples X. Photo. Typical English Parish Church S.

In the numerous buildings which the Romans erected, it will be noticed that the column has. in the generality of cases, become merely a decorative feature, the actual work of support being performed by the piers of the wall behind, connected together by semicircular arches. As time went on, however, such practical people as the Romans could not but discard a feature which was no longer utilitarian, so the column as a decorative feature disappeared, and the arcuated system it had masked was exposed.

M English Gothic Examples XV. The Evolution of Gothic Spires in England ... Raunds, Northants Keystone, Hunts. S. Wulfran, Grantham, Lines. Salisbury Cathedral S. Mary, Bloxham, Oxon. S. Peter, S. John, : . B c . D E S. Peter, Kettering, Northants. S. James, Louth, Lines. . English Gothic Examples XVI. The Evolution of the Gothic Buttress Norman, Fountains Abbey C. Wickes. H . : . E. English, Southwell Minster Decorated, S. Mary Magdalen, Oxford Perpendicular, Divinity School, Oxford Detached Flying Buttress, Chapter Ho.

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