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By Mark Twain

This version is written in English. besides the fact that, there's a operating Spanish word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variants of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s court docket. This version

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Powder: polvos, polvo, empolvar, pólvora, el polvo. preparations: preparativos. proclamation: proclamación, declaración. ruinous: ruinoso. shunned: rehuido. sly: furtivo, astuto. spreading: esparcimiento. stowed: estibado. superintended: dirigido, vigilado, supervisado. thirteenth: decimotercero. trumpet: trompeta, trombón. 46 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court fourteenth I thought best to warn the people, through the heralds, to keep clear away--a quarter of a mile away. % Thunder-showers had been tolerably frequent of late, and I was not much afraid of a failure; still, I shouldn't have cared for a delay of a day or two; I should have explained that I was busy with affairs of state yet, and the people must wait.

Globe: globo, globo terráqueo. heavens: cielo, cielos. honored: laureado, honrado, honorado. lagging: forro. license: licencia, permiso, la licencia, autorizar, concesión. notoriety: celebridad, escándalo, mala fama, notoriedad. obeyed: Obedecido, obedeció. onward: adelante, hacia adelante. reverent: reverente. spite: rencor. troubled: molestar, de enfermedad, agitado, problema, desventurado, apurado, molestarse, dificultad, no sabroso, pasado difícilmente, pena. unaided: sin ayuda. Mark Twain 45 short; but, as matters stood, I couldn't seem to cipher out any way to make it do me any good, so I gave up trying.

38 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court my head, and his eyes toward the blue sky, and began some words in Latin; in this attitude he droned on and on, a little while, and then stopped. I waited two or three moments; then looked up; he was standing there petrified. With a common impulse the multitude rose slowly up and stared into the sky. I followed their eyes, as sure as guns, there was my eclipse beginning! The life went boiling through my veins; I was a new man! The rim of black spread slowly into the sun's disk, my heart beat higher and higher, and still the assemblage and the priest stared into the sky, motionless.

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