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Chemistry is the topic that's keen on all kinds of aspect which we will see or no longer, tangible or intangible. In a manner this topic matters every body. The dictionary, which we're providing, looks after this truth. This dictionary is formulated in the sort of manner that each form of reader, be a scholar, a instructor, a researcher or the other who's remotely all for the topic will locate it necessary. The presentation of evidence is easy and non-technical.
Besides defining the phrases we have now additionally supplied pictorial presentation of ,many phrases, in order to aid the reader to extract the crust of the definition. except that those photographs are a type of supplementary definitions for a selected time period. those are used as a device to reinforce the readers wisdom with a few additional info. the photographs additionally supply spatial distribution of a few compound, their crystal constitution, their orientations in three-d house, and so forth. This dictionary includes greater than 2000 phrases. all of the definitions are good researched, easy and exhaustive. It offers every type of data bearing on chemistry, and rdated topics. All attainable info is incorporated with utmost accuracy.
This dictionary has been built with good deal of attempt, with lot of exertions in constructing the contents.
A reaction for this attempt is enormously expected. With this we are hoping readers will take pleasure in analyzing this dictionary
and chanced on it additional info than the other present ones.

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Carbocation an electron deficient carbon with only three single bonds. It is positively charged. A primary carbocation is bonded to only one other carbon, a secondary carbocation is bonded to two other carbon atoms and a tertiary carbocation is bonded to three other carbon atoms. The tertiary carbocation is most stable due to the stabilising effect of the alkyl groups which donate electrons to stabilise the ion. ; • carbohydrate a polyhydrox,)rl aldehyde or a I polyhydroxyl ketone. Many of I these compounds are com.

Crystallisation fractional crystallisati9n; crystallisation. The process of forming pure crystals by freezing a liquid, evaporating a solution, or precipitating a solid from solution. Impurities remain in the liquid, so crystallisation is often to purify solid substances. cupric (Cu2+) cupric ion. Deprecated. 1. the copper(II) ion, Cu2 +. 2. a compound that contains copper in the + 2 oxidation state. I • • crystal field splitting energy ligands complexed to a metal ion will raise the energy of some of its d orbitals and lower the energy of others.

The system is awk- I atom is bonded to two alkyl or ward and confusing when ap- two aryl groups, or one alkyl and plied to non-carbohydrate lone aryl group. molecules or molecules with I • eutectic mixture multiple adjacent chiral cen- I a mixture of two or more subtres. There are also multiple stances with melting point and contradicting definitions I lower than that for any other for the term and as such it I mixture of the same substances. should not be used. The preferred system of nomencla- I • eutrophication ture in these cases uses R */S* I the undesirable overgrowth of vegetation caused by high consystem.

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